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Improve Posture / May 31, 2018

How we wish we were one of those people with hot bodies and great stamina. But for that, you have to pull yourself out of bed, and then get into your yoga pants, and then drive to a super expensive yoga class, and then struggle to fight with your insecurities of not being in sync with others. Or worse, being the sloppiest of all.

So if you want to save yourself the humiliation, a lot of time, and a few bucks, really consider taking a yoga challenge at home. Flipping and falling around all the time, making old lady sex noises, staying in PJs, AND staying fit, despite being a lazy butt- has never been easier. Thanks to these free Yoga channels on YouTube. So now, you just have to hit play and get your namaste on!


Subscribers: 198.7K
Best For: Women, Following Yogis
Suggested Playlists: 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz, The 14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge with Sadie Nardini, Office Yoga Challenge

Doyouyoga channel’s most popular videos feature a 30 day Yoga challenge with Erin Motz, also known as Bad Yogi on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Bad Yogi provides fitness, nutrition, life lessons, and also 4-week yoga challenge with 20-minutes or less videos and a 10-day yoga ab challenge. Also, check out their Office Yoga series if you experience neck, shoulder, and back pains, or just lethargy by sitting at a desk all day.


Subscribers: 1.5M
Best For: Women
Suggested Playlists: 30 Day Yoga Camp, 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Yoga for Healing, Yoga on the Road

Yoga with Adriene offers a colossal determination of great videos and organised playlists. Pick videos of different lengths for beginners, runners, healing, and weight loss. The channel posts another video every Wednesday, so you always have something new to look forward to. Adriene Mishler is a really practical, relatable and helpful Yogi. Every last bit of her classes are impressive! Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Subscribers: 1.4M
Best For: Women, Body Toning, Learning how to Massage
Suggested Playlists: 10 Day Flexibility Challenge, Massage Therapy playlist ASMR, Yoga Workouts for Weight Loss & Tone your Body

PsycheTruth is great for learning Swedish massage, and increasing your flexibility and core strength. Their videos focus on targeting a particular problem, whether it’s yoga for getting a flat belly, relaxation, energy, or menstrual cramps. If you constantly want something to follow, they upload videos almost every day and also have an ASMR channel.

4. KinoYoga

Subscribers: 367.5K
Best For: Women, Beginners
Suggested Playlists: Summer Yoga Course, 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Kino Macgregor has a really inspiring bikini bod. Her beach yoga sessions are visually really inspirational. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Subscribers: 212K
Best For: Women, Beginners, Pregnant women

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