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Back Pain / March 26, 2018


Typical slumped driving posture Compressed spine and protruding
abdomen with lumbar support
YogaBack's Scientific Dual Back Support System

"YogaBack Your Posture" & Drive Pain-Free!

If health professionals paid more attention to driving posture and the science of sitting, they would have fewer patients to treat for back pain. Instead, their "state of the art" advice to patients is: 1) Use a rolled towel or lumbar support in the lower back when driving, and 2) get out of the car and stretch after every 15-30 minutes of driving. This typical advice shows absolutely no understanding of the dynamics of driving posture and back pain, yet this advice comes at an hourly rate of at least $100 to $150!

What You Need to Know About Driving and Posture, Pain, & Safety

1) Most individuals are well aware of the results from conforming their bodies to car seats when commuting to work and traveling: low back pain, upper back and neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. These common health complaints develop from a slumped sitting posture that rounds the back and shoulders, restricts diaphragmatic breathing, and protrudes the lower abdomen.

What most individuals are not aware of is the major cause of these health complaints is the great disparity between their anatomy and the design of car backrests. As soon as one leans against the backrest, the trunk collapses due to inadequate support for the rib cage and pelvis.

2) People who drive cars are more than twice as likely to develop a herniated lumbar disc than people who do not drive cars (Kelsey & Hardy, American Journal of Epidemiology, 102:63-73, 1975).

3) The risk for developing a herniated lumbar disc is approximately twice as great for sitting while driving compared to prolonged sitting in an office chair (Kelsey & Hardy, 1975).

4) Low back pain is significantly related to time spent driving a car at work (Pietri et al., Scandinavian Journal of Work and Environmental Health, 18:52-58, 1992).

5) Days absent from work due to low back pain is 6 times higher for individuals driving more than 20 hours per week compared to individuals driving less than 10 hours per week (Porter & Gyi, Occupational Medicine, 52(1):4-12, 2002).

6) Driving a car is more detrimental than sitting (without driving) and standing postures with regard to low back pain (Porter & Gyi, 2002).

7) When commuting to work by car in the morning, the very fixed sitting posture of driving (typically with a round back, round shoulders, and forward head) becomes your ingrained movement pattern for sitting the rest of the day at your desk and computer.

8) A Slumped Driving Posture and Driving With Lumbar Support are both "passive" sitting postures (see illustrations below). Using YogaBack for Driving results in an "Active-Alert" sitting posture that promotes Safer Driving with:
• Improved field of vision from increased head rotation.
• Faster reaction times at the foot pedals and steering wheel from optimal trunk stabilization.
• Less pain and discomfort, thereby reducing driver distraction.
• Less fatigue due to optimal diaphragmatic breathing.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1.2 million crashes each year are due to distracted drivers. YogaBack's Active-Alert Posture is your best defense against distracted and fatigued drivers- cell phone use, texting, eating, drinking, lack of sleep. You can't be an effective defensive driver if you're forced to distort your posture in the driver's seat.

Check out the detailed comparison below between YogaBack for Driving, Slumped Driving Posture, and Driving With Lumbar

Typical Slumped Driving Posture

• Protruding lower abdomen - increases stress to the lower back

• No pelvic stabilization - increases stress to the lower back from road shock and vibration

• Round back posture with round shoulders and forward head - increases stress to neck/upper back

• Shortens and compresses spine

• Impairs diaphragmatic breathing - increases fatigue

• Restricts head rotation - limits driver's field of vision

Distorted Driving Posture with Lumbar Support

• Upper trunk displaced behind pelvis - increases stress to neck/upper back

• Does not correct round back posture

Black and Taupe Fabric


The soft polyurethane foam used in other back cushions provides no postural correction or stabilization, and actually fatigues your back. YogaBack's exclusive polyethylene foam stabilizes your pelvis, spine, and rib cage in your optimal healthy and alert driving posture.

Slim Profile so you won't be pushed forward on your seat.

No awkward attachment straps

Upholstery-grade Fabric Cover
(Breathable, 100% Polypropylene)

Personalized fitting instructions included




30 day return policy

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