10 Workouts To Relieve Back Pain Once And For All

Workout for back pain Relief

Relief / August 12, 2018

Back pain, whether it be chronic or acute, is one of the most agonizing experiences one could endure. Ask anyone who has any significant degree of back pain, and they will attest to the restrictions it presents: limited range of movement, reduced mental focus, a sense of helplessness and even severe depression can result from a back injury.

While any form of back pain should be assessed by a qualified medical practitioner, certain exercises can greatly reduce pain, enhance range of movement and improve quality of life. However, before engaging in any type of exercise program, it is strongly advised that one gain approval from their physician.

By working the main supporting muscles, back pain can be prevented, lessened, and, in some cases, healing is facilitated. The key supporting muscles of the back include the entire back musculature (the erectors in particular), abdominal region, glutealis (muscles of the backside), and the obliques (on the sides of the body), and a wide range of specific exercises can be used to target these areas.

The back and glutealis muscles are called the extensors, as they are used to straighten the back, and lift, extend and abduct (move way from) the hip. The abdominal muscles are often referred to as the flexors, as they are used to bend and support the spine from the front, while the obliques stabilize the spine in an upright position.

The obliques also help to maintain correct posture and spinal curvature. Training all these muscles in the correct manner, with the right exercises, will keep the back functioning as it should, and help to correct any problems from which pain occurs.

To reiterate, the main benefits to exercising the back and abdominal muscles include:

  1. Injury protection: stronger muscles respond better to a wide range of stressors.
  2. Reduce the likelihood of chronic or acute back pain.
  3. Enhance healing after spinal surgery or back injury.

Different Types Of Back Pain

In order to better control back pain through targeted exercises, it is important to firstly have an understanding of the different types of back pain. Distinguishing between the various types of back pain is also very important as they are different in their form and function, and thus will have different treatment options. Three different categories of back pain exist: acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain.

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