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Vinyasa Poses Names

Poses / March 24, 2021

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This method – sometimes also referred to as Vinyasa Flow, or just Flow owing to the smooth way that the poses flow one into the other, like a dance – is fast catching up as one of the most popular forms of Yoga in the West. The Sun Salutation sequence is the basic and simplest example of Vinyasa Yoga. In every sequence of vinyasa yoga poses, all movements are performed on an inhale or an exhale. So, in a manner of speaking Vinyasa is a term that covers a broad range of Yoga classes.

This style still facilitates loads of variety. Then again, it will – more often than not – include the Sun Salutation sequence. Vinyasa yoga classes have a lot of movement, not merely stretching. Whether, the sessions are conducted slow or fast, whether they include mantra incantation or not, depends largely upon the teacher.
Some very popular Yoga styles, like Ashtanga and Power Yoga employ the Vinyasa technique. However they tend to be listed on a class schedule by their specific names.

When used as a noun, Vinyasa expresses a series of three poses performed as part of a sequence. When your Yoga instructor tells you to go through the Vinyasa at your own pace, he or she is telling you to perform the Phalahnk asana, Chaturanga asana, and Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Vinyasa’s strength lies in its variety. No one philosophy, rulebook, or series tell it all. Hence there is lots of scope for individual personalities and idiosyncrasies to figure in. all the more reason why you should find a Yoga instructor you can relate to.

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