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Total Yoga Asanas

Asanas / June 16, 2021

Yoga asanas to strengthen your entire bodyYes, weight training can be an effective way to bulk you up and improve your total body strength, but yoga can also be an excellent way to strengthen the muscles creating functional strength that assists in performing everyday activities like lifting, walking, standing and sitting. So, practise these yoga asanas recommended by yoga expert Abhishek Sharma.

Utkatasana or chair pose: This is a very powerful asana to strengthen your legs while working on your hip flexors, quadriceps and glutes.Utkatasana It also targets your core while strengthening your back and spine.

Navasana or boat pose: This asana mainly targets the rectus abdominus which is the six pack muscles of your core. It also helps strengthen the quadriceps, hip flexors and the spinal muscles.

Anjaneyasana or crescent lunge pose: This asana will strengthen your lower limbs including your quadriceps and glutes while strengthening the muscles of your back. This asana will also help stretch the hip flexors of your legs.

Setubandhasana or bridge pose: This is an excellent asana to strengthen your hip muscles including your glutes, hamstrings and abductors. The asana will also help engage the core and stabilise the spine.

Navasana Anjaneyasana Setubandhasana Makara adho mukha svanasana