8 Best Yoga Asanas To Treat Migraine

Simple Asanas in Yoga

Asanas / September 19, 2019

-Padmasana: Sit on the floor with legs stretched in front.Bend the right knee and place it on the left thigh.The sole of the foot should be pointed upwards. Tuck your heel in at the waist level near the pelvic bone. Next, bend your left knee and place it on the right thigh in a similar way. Place your hands on the knees in chinmudra position. Keep the spine and head straight and widen your chest.

Staying in this position, take gentle long breaths with your eyes closed preferably.

-Paschimottanasana: Sit straight with legs stretched in front of you. Inhaling, raise both your arms above your head, keeping your back erect. Exhale and bend forward from the hips. Try to hold your toes so that you can go forward easily. Inhale and lift your head gently and stretch your spine. Exhaling, put your head down and breathe deeply for a minute. Next, stretch your arms in front of you. Inhale and slowly return to the sitting position with arms raised.Exhale and lower your arms.

-Halasana: Lie on your back in a relaxed manner. Keep your legs together with the palms flat on the ground on either side of your body. Lift both the legs upwards without bending your knees and try to touch the ground behind your head. Keep breathing gently. Try to stay in this position for a minute. Next, return to the supine position slowly.

-Savasana: Lie flat on your back on the floor, with your feet about 1.5 feet apart. The arms should be at an angle of about 45 degrees to the body. Be relaxed and don't keep the body stiff. Breathe gently. Let your feet fall outwards and fingers of the hand be curled a bit.Learn the technique of autosuggestion to relax your entire body starting from your toes and ending with the head. Experience the feeling of being totally relaxed at the end of this asana.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com