Severe Back Pain? Get Relief At Our Brighton Based Clinic

Severe back pain Relief

Relief / April 25, 2015

To relieve your worst back pain, lie on your back with your knees bent and lower legs propped up on a chair or stool. Place ice under your lower back and/or take an anti-inflammatory medication if it is safe for you to do so. Remain in this position and just try to relax and let the irritated nerves in your back calm down.

If you have an extension problem (a spine that extends so well you have a difficult time flattening or flexing it), you will benefit from letting your back relax into the floor.

If you have a flexion problem (people with spine flexion problems typically lack pelvic flexibility), you will benefit from a folded towel or ice pack under your lower back to promote extension.

If you have a rotation problem (a spine that is rotated to one direction), you may find that a folded towel under one hip or under one side of your lower back helps ease the pain.

Find and maintain the best position for you. As the pain lessens and while in ideal alignment, try to stabilize your back by gently activating your lower abdominals. Forcefully exhaling will help to get these muscles firing.

Pain inhibits muscle function, and your muscles' ability to adequately stabilize your spine is compromised when you are experiencing severe pain. A two- to three-inch-wide belt strapped tightly around your waist will help stabilize your spine and reduce the pain. This is a good temporary fix until the pain decreases and you're better able to stabilize your spine on your own.

After your pain has diminished, you can try sitting in a chair with your back supported similarly to your position on the floor. H42For instance, a person with extension problems should try to flatten his spine against the back of the chair while someone with a flexion problem should use a rolled up towel or ice pack to maintain some back extension. Rest and allow your back to adjust to this position. Again, practice turning on your lower abdominals to stabilize your spine in ideal alignment.