4 Things You Can do Right Now for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Right back pain Relief

Relief / July 31, 2018

erase lower right side back painHere's what we're going to do:

I'm very fond of using a tennis ball to release your hips, but recently I've started using a softball (or a baseball) for the upper part of your hips. I find it is very comfortable and allows me to put a great deal of my body weight on the muscles in the hips, while in a position that just about anyone can sustain comfortably, all while I move my legs to activate the muscle being pressed upon.

First, find a tennis ball, baseball and a softball. If you don't have all three then just use whatever you've got.

Now lie on your back on the floor or on a firm mattress. Start with the softball if you have it (if not then go with a baseball, and if not that, then go with a soft ball).

Since we are trying to relieve your "back pain lower RIGHT side" lift your butt up and place the softball (or other ball) under your RIGHT upper buttocks. This is just below your hip bone, below your lower back.
Do NOT put the ball under your lower back.

Move the ball around this general area and apply your body weight on the ball and notice which tissue is tender (painful) when you rest your body weight upon it.

When you find a tender area apply your body weight to the ball and then raise and lower your leg so that you can feel the tissue under the ball move. You want the tissue you are pressing on to be forced to release a bit from the movement of your leg.

Repeat this technique for the entire upper half of your right buttocks.

Notice how much lower right back pain occurs from this one technique.

REPEAT this entire process on the upper half of your left buttock.

Click directly to any pain relief video on this page:

male hands on lower right back pain Video 2 of 3 - Inner Hip Release

I cover this one technique in great detail here "release the front of your back" - lower back pain remedy (click here) if you need further explanation.

Here's what we're going to do:

Lie on your back and press your fingertips into your lower right abdomen (belly). Find the pointy part of your hip bone that is just about at your belt line. This is your "anterior superior iliac spine", also known as your ASIS!

Now take your fingertips and move them slightly back (an inch) toward your belly button.

When you find a tender spot, press on the spot while you tuck your tailbone up and down, up and down. This will help the iliacus tight tissue to release. You can move from spot to spot if some are stubborn, but generally they will release pretty quickly.

REPEAT this entire process on the other side of your body.

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