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Yoga Terms And Meanings / October 4, 2016

Bikram Yoga: Good for mind, body, & baby!

Borrowing from Jack Johnson, “Three, it’s a magic number. Yes it is!” It certainly is if you ask Alicia, Bethany, and Maria. These three have been the best of friends since their 20s and continue to do nearly everything together. Oh, sure, that’s easy to say, but it’s remarkable how true it actually is with these musketeers. For starters, they live in the same neighborhood, with two of them living directly across the street from one another. Of course, they attend Bikram Yoga together also. Three cheers for that fab fact! But, there’s more…

Without any planning, the trio discovered they were pregnant on three consecutive days. Wait. What?! It’s true. They discovered the pregnancies back to back to back and then determined their due dates were Aug. 8 (Maria), Aug. 9 (Alicia), and Aug. 10 (Bethany). None of the three were actively trying to get pregnant, either. It just worked out this way. Isn’t that something? >Continue reading...