Yoga Position Names

Hatha Yoga Poses and Names

Poses / December 16, 2018

Woman doing yoga at homeSanskrit (English) Yoga Asanas

Learn how to perform a variety of yoga postures. We have a complete list of many yoga poses with detailed explanations and pictures for you to practice yoga at home. For a complete yoga lesson you can start your session with some loosening postures as a warm up, then you can perform a combination of lying and sitting postures, these can include back bending and twisting poses, followed by balancing and standing postures, and finish with some inverted postures. You can then complete your yoga lesson workout with a few minutes of relaxation.

Some terms in Sanskrit are repeatedly used in the names of asanas. Generally these are prefixes and can be used on any pose to explain a variation. Ardha means half, Supta means reclining, Adho means downward, Parivrtta means revolved or twisted, Urdhva means upward, Utthita means extended. A majority of the Sanskrit names for the postures actually end with asana.