9 Effective Chest Exercises And Their Benefits For Women

Exercise Poses

Exercises / May 26, 2019

Get fit and have fun with Z Exercise Studio and Poses.

The scene and props have been created to an extreme level of detail so you can render them freely from up close or far away. There are 3 squish morphs for the exercise ball for a realistic effect.

The poses included were made to look lifelike and unique. Each pose was created with a focus on the little details such as natural positioning, realism and feminine touch.

What's Included and Features

Z Exercise Studio: (.DUF) Fast Preload All Separate Removable Walls Back Wall Front Wall Left Wall Right Wall Exercise Ladder Exercise Ball Exercise Mat 10 Exercise Ball and Mat Materials Exercise Ball Holder Scene Exercise Mat Scene Exercise Balls Z Exercise Poses: (.DUF) 20 Poses for Genesis 3 Female 20 Mirror Poses for Genesis 3 Female 1 Zero Pose for Genesis 3 Female Textures Include: 4 Texture, Bump and Transparency Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096) Optimized for Iray

Source: www.daz3d.com