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Bikram Yoga Posture Chart

Improve Posture / August 28, 2021

Never miss a practice again with Hot Yoga Timer - for Bikram Postures. This simple to use app has excellent photography, timed postures, voice transitions, and is your perfect solution for days you can't get to the studio! Whether you're traveling, home, or just can't make it into the studio, this is your one stop reference to get in your practice. With 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, and a timer with voice to guide you from pose to pose, this app has all you need!

• Timed postures with voice cues to transition from pose to pose
• High resolution photography demonstrating correct posture and alignment
• Logging of your practices so you can monitor your progress over time
• Practice in silence, or listen to the lulling waves in the background sound, or...
• Play your own background music from another app or your iTunes Library

Hot Yoga Timer - for Bikram Postures is not intended to teach you how to get into the poses and out of the poses, and is geared toward yogis who are already versed in similar practices.

What's New in Version 1.1.0

- background music update and fix
- timer pauses when going to background
- various bug fixes and enhancements

Bikram Yoga
by JBerkhoudt

Perfect for what I needed it for. I needed to be able to time the postures and be visually reminded what the next posture is.
The pictures are clear and there are also transitional photos to remind you how to get into the more complex postures.
I have not figured out how to get the lulling ocean music to play in the background, but I don't know if that's just me or an actual problem within the app.
Extremely simple to use and navigate through. Excellent app for at home practice for those who have been in the studio before.

Maybe for 99 cents
by Toma9647

I bought this app because it stated that it has high def pictures of all postures, this is not true, all sitting postures have the same picture of a person leaning forward, other postures don't have pictures, I would give this a better rating if they would correct this and have the correct postures with correct pictures, for 3.99 it's the least this app developer could do.

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