12 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Back Pain

Best Yoga Asanas for Lower back Pain

Asanas / October 1, 2016

Dr Dilip Sarkar MD, FACS, CAP, Retired Surgeon, President of IAYT

…This is a masterpiece book that should be an essential resource for yoga therapists, health care professionals, yoga practitioners and instructors, and all individuals with back issues, who will find themselves coming back to the text time and time again for deeper study and practice.

Discover the best yoga poses for lower back pain and improve your overall strength, flexibility, and back health. Therapeutic yoga expert Lillah Schwartz clearly explains movement principles, basic anatomy, breath awareness, and the central elements of alignment-based yoga to help unlock the natural healing potential of the body and achieve back pain relief.

Step-by-step instructions with 285 color photos, explanations, hints, and cautions take the guesswork out of yoga so you can perform simple and powerful poses aimed at healing your back. Whether you are seasoned yoga teacher or a first time yoga practitioner, Healing Our Backs With YogaTM has something for everybody. Learn the most effective yoga poses in 22 time -tested sequences to unlock the natural healing capabilities of the body.

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Lillah is your guide to Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

If you have been or are suffering from lower back pain understanding the simple mechanics of how to move your body to minimize stress on your back promises to support the process of healing. No matter how weak or stiff you may feel, the lower back poses found in the first section of the book will guide you toward pain relief. Lillah breaks down each movement to it’s simplest form so every person can find a place to begin their healing journey.

Yoga Poses for more than the Lower Back

Lower back pain is not the only area of the spine where people experience discomfort. Anyone who sits for a long period of time is likely to experience weakness and discomfort in somewhere in their spine. Mid-back, between the shoulder blades, and the top of the neck are common areas of discomfort.

Several sections of the book are devoted to relieving arm and shoulder pain, others offer sequences to strengthen the spine for stability and will even build bone density.

As you will learn from reading and practicing with this book, overall strength, flexibility, and practice are necessary for a person to continue to live pain free.


” Your book is exceptional. I’m ordering a copy for another yoga teacher. There truly isn’t a book like it and I’m enjoying the process of absorbing it. It’s on the top shelf of my Yoga book collection along with Elise Miller’s new scoliosis book and Donald Moyer’s book. Quite an accomplishment. It’s very approachable and informative in a clearly compassionate way. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Lots of people will benefit from this work.”

Benjamin Flowers, Certified Yoga Instructor

Author Bio

Accomplished Yoga instructor, mentor, and author, Lillah brings the benefits of her 30+ years’ training with yoga experts, like BKS Iyengar, Aadil Palkhivala, Eric Small, Felicity Green and others directly to your home. Producer of two DVD’s and her new book ‘Healing Our Backs with Yoga’, Lillah offers the science and spirit of yoga wisdom to thousands who have become pain-free from her alignment-based and heartfelt instruction.

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