5 Yoga Poses That Will Cure Irregular Periods and Menstrual Pain

Asanas for back Pain

Asanas / August 20, 2020

Yoga Can Help Fight Back Pain: 4 Effective Poses You Must TryYou don't naturally experience these movements daily and therefore, you need to move your body in certain ways to revive tired muscles that are working constantly. But before you do, you must note that these poses help in relieving muscular back pain. If you are suffering from pain related to spine ailments, degenerative disc disease or arthritis, please consult a doctor.

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This pose will strengthen the lower back muscles while cushioning the spine. "It brings a uniform arch in the spine, increases blood circulation to the spine, boosts muscle quality and flexibility, " says Zubin.

dhanurasanaLie on your stomach with your feet together and toes flat. Place your hands downwards below your shoulders on the mat, lift your waist and raise your head while inhaling in. Pull your torso back with the support of your hands. Keep your elbows straight and make sure you put equal pressure on both palms. Tilt your head back and make sure your shoulders are away from your ears. Exhale while coming back to the ground.

2. Paschimottan Asana (Sitting Forward Bend)

BhujangasanaSit up straight with your legs stretched in front and feet pointing upwards. Keep your spine straight. Inhale and stretch your arm upwards. This will lengthen your spine upwards. Exhale and bend forward, bring your hands down keeping your spine elongated and reaching towards your feet. If you can reach your feet, wrap your index finger around the big toes with your thumb resting over the toe. If you cannot, let your hands fall freely on to your thighs or on the floor next to your legs. Hold the posture for 30 seconds and then inhale, stretch your hands past your feet and come up while stretching your spine and arms.

3. Matsyendra Asana (Spinal Twist)

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Bend your left leg and place your left foot over your right thigh. The heel should touch your belly. Now, bend your right knee and place it outside your left knee. Your food should be flat on the floor. Inhale and stretch your right hand over the right knee and hold your right foot.Matsyendra Asana Exhale and twist your back. Remain in the posture while breathing normally for few seconds and then repeat with the other side.

4. Trikona Asana (Triangle Pose)

It strengthens your spine and reduces anxiety and back pain while in increasing mental and physical equilibrium.

Stand with your feet wide apart. Stretch your right foot out (90 degrees) while keeping the leg closer to the torso. Keep your feet pressed against the ground and balance your weight equally on both feet. Inhale and as you exhale bend your right arm and make it touch the ground while your left arm goes up. Keep your waist straight. Ensure that your body is bent sideways and not forward or backwards. Stretch as much as you can while taking long, deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

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