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All Yoga Asanas and their Benefits

Asanas / April 11, 2021

International Yoga Day: Yoga Asanas And Their Benefit For StudentsWorld Yoga Day: Yoga Asanas And Their Benefit For Students

New Delhi: International Yoga Day is here and while the world is busy participating in yoga camps and posting selfies, we have decided to focus on the benefits of yoga for students. Yes, inculcating the good habit of practicing yoga at a young age can prove to do wonders for young children in schools. In modern times, learning has not remained all fun. Young school children, these days, work under a lot of pressure and often suffer from stress and anxiety. Yoga can help kids in school combat stress and can boost their self-confidence.

padmasanaThere have been several studies around the world about the overall effects of Yoga on adolescents and particularly on their academic performance. In a study published in 2015 in the journal 'Evidence-Based and Complementary Medicine' it was found that yoga was far better in retaining GPA throughout a school year than regular physical education classes.

Though Indian schools are yet to include yoga as a part of school curriculum, here we have made a list of some yoga asanas which school students can practice to keep stress at bay and improve their memory function.

Correct posture for Padmasana

Padmasana: Padmasana is known to reduce stress. Just doing 10 minutes of this yoga will help you calm down. Sit on the floor with legs spread straight. Bend your right knee and place it on the left thigh and the left knee on the right thigh. Rest your hands on your knees with palm down. Close your eyes. Alternatively you can chant 'Om' with your eyes closed.vrikshasana Remember, the sitting position will be like Lotus flower (Padma; hence the name Padmasana).

Correct posture for Vrikshasana
Vrikshasana: Vrikshasana or Vrkshasana also known as the Tree Stand Pose, is an important yoga position for sharpening memory. Here, you have to stand on one leg with the other leg folded on its opposite thigh. Once you are in the standing position, stretch your arms together in the prayer position in front of your chest. Keep your eyes closed. Balance yourself for as long as you can.
Correct posture for Vajrasana

Vajrasana: Vajrasana is another effective yoga position for students. Kneel down on a straight surface such that your knees, toes and ankle touch the ground. Keep your spine straight and stretched. Close your eyes and relax.