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Advanced Yoga Poses Pictures

Poses / December 21, 2016

If your jaw just dropped, you're not alone — many people experience visceral reactions (i.e., spontaneous muscle contractions, intense feelings of befuddlement and curiosity) when seeing AcroYoga(r) for the first time. But be forewarned: Observers may become die-hard practitioners, so say the group of seven teachers and students shown here. Recently, we captured them working their malleable magic at Om Factory in New York City. What you don't see are the Thai massages they give each other before, during, and after completing each move, which help facilitate a sense of trust, solidarity, and utter relaxation (I had one myself, as Chris balanced me on her feet!). Complimentary massage, the thrill of hanging upside down — it's easy to understand the addiction. Here, we find out what keeps them coming back for more.

The Players

Chris Loebsack, 37, AcroYoga(r), Teacher

Becca Krauss, 27, AcroYoga(r), Teacher

Mary Aranas, 49, AcroYoga(r), Teacher

Will Nagel, 38, AcroYoga(r), Teacher

Deven Sisler, 28, AcroYoga(r), Teacher

Mitch Gerbus, 26, Student

Alyona Mindlin, 28, Student

The Positions

Flyer: The person who is at the pinnacle of the pose.

Base: The person positioned at the bottom of the move; supports the flyer.

Spotter: A person who is not involved in the pose but provides additional balance to ensure safety.