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Face yoga and essential skin care

Yoga Terms And Meanings / February 1, 2022

Yoga certainly benefits our body, strengthening it and making it more resilient. However, it is worth remembering that these workouts are available not only for the body and mind, but also for your face. Face yoga is pleasant, useful, fast and not boring at all. Developed by anti-aging professionals it helps to cope with wrinkles, sagging and gives the skin freshness.

Useful addition to face yoga

Together with face yoga, you can use Rejuran Healer. This is a solution with a DNA extract that is obtained from salmon and then fragmented into polynucleotides.

What are the main clinical effects of Rejuran polynucleotides?

  • - improvement of skin elasticity and hydration;
  • - reduction of fine wrinkles;
  • - improvement of the barrier function of the skin;
  • - normalization of the structure, regulation of sebum production;
  • - improvement of skin tone;
  • - improvement in skin texture.

Take care not only of your body and mind, but also of your face condition.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels